Best time to post on Facebook to reach Aussie Mums


I see this question asked all the time in Facebook Groups and the answer is that the best time to post is when YOUR audience is online. Easy Hey? – but keep reading for some tips on what content to post and how to find out when your audience is online.

If your target audience is just like you (and quite often in #bizmum businesses they are) then think about your typical day and how you use social media.

For me (a work from home mum with 2 full school days dedicated to work) my times on Facebook weekdays would roughly be

  • 5:30am – browse via phone, read discussions on my favourite Facebook Groups, I tend to save blogs but not read anything.
  • 12pm – Usually have my laptop out and I will read blogs, watch FB lives while I eat my lunch and youngest sleeps – I also work during this time so my social media time is quick
  • 3pm – Occasionally I will browse Facebook while waiting in the car park for school pickup
  • After 8pm – Browse on phone and more likely to read blogs

This isn’t everyday but the key thing here is I don’t have time to read until after 8pm. I personally try not to look at Facebook too much over the weekend but may have a quick browse Sunday night. If you haven’t already taken the time to understand your Target Audience then I would suggest downloading this free Customer Avatar Worksheet from Jessica Osborn!


Why posting at the best time will help your Facebook reach

Let’s look at the Facebook Algorithm – Facebook will first show your content to a small number of your audience. If they engage with your content in any way (likes, comments or click read more) then Facebook will tag this as a valuable post and show it to more of your audience. So if you post when your audience is online you will have more of a chance of getting that engagement and therefore your post being shown to more of your audience.


How to find out when YOUR audience is online

1. Visit your Facebook page using a laptop or desktop (not possible on phone)

2. Click on Insights across the top menu

Best Time to Post on Facebook example 1

3. Click on Posts across the side menu

Best Time to Post on Facebook example 2


This shows what days and what time YOUR audience is online. You will need to move your mouse across the days to see how the times change based on days. I find clear peaks and troughs on weekdays but nothing on weekends as I assume people just check when they have some free time.


What content to post at what time

Now that you know the best times to post its important to look at why, 3pm is popular with mums waiting in the carparks at school, but its unlikely they are going to read your 1,000 word blog at that time. Consider quick videos with captions that don’t require too much attention – check out Free easy to use video editing and video creation websites to create social media videos.

When looking at your own insights, think about why you have those peaks and what they may be doing at that time. Ensure you deliver content that is relevant for that activity.

I hope these hints and tips help you in putting together your social media posts and ensuring you get maximum reach on those posts.



Do you need help with your Social Media Content & Planning?

Why not contact one of our Social Media Managers on the Digital Mums Directory to help, grow your audience and Social Media presence, or simply someone to manage it all for you, we also have some awesome Virtual Assistants.

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