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Want awesome creative content? Find a freelance graphic designer in our directory who will take your brand’s visual appeal to the next level. From logos to illustrations, web design layout to brand identity, the experienced graphic designers in Digital Mums Directory have all your creative communications needs covered.

White Mouse Design


At White Mouse Design we bring dreams and ideas to life with unique, customised websites and graphic design. We’re here to help your brand leave a lasting impression using stylish and strategic designs.

The Design Room


Laura Duncan is a Brand Identity + Web Designer, and passionate creative from The Design Room. She left behind her raincoat in Ireland and set up studio in sunny Brisbane where she creates “oh my gosh” branding that makes you proud of your business.

Smart Robbie


Smart Robbie specialises in WordPress Website Design, Website Maintenance and Branding.

Jo Wilson Design


Specialising in branding and illustration, I work with small businesses that are making a big difference in our world. My goal is to work with you to create a strategic and thoughtfully designed brand to help your business grow.

The Digi Dame Graphic Designer

Australia Online Only

I’m a strategic brand designer and book cover designer based in Western Sydney. I develop vibrant and joyful brand identities for small business owners and self-publishing authors who are bold enough to imagine a better future with a brand that wows.


How does a freelance graphic designer get clients?

Initially, work is most likely to come via personal networks, ie friends, family and colleagues.  However, to grow the business and attract more clients, a freelance graphic designer will need to engage in more active promotional activities.  These include direct contact with potential clients, having a regular presence on social media platforms, promoting examples of their work, networking at business functions, asking clients to post online reviews, listing their business on local directories, getting involved with industry bodies, adding value to potential clients through blog posts, online forums and chat rooms and establishing relationships with other businesses in related industries eg PR companies and web design firms. 

How can I earn as freelance graphic designer?

There are many different ways to earn as a freelance graphic designer.  You can find a niche in which to specialise eg social media graphics, website customisations, editorial design (books, magazines, newspapers etc), packaging design or brand identity (logo development etc).  Working out what a freelance graphic designer earns is not an exact science, and how much you earn and how you earn will depend on many different factors, including your own drive and determination to succeed.

What does a freelance graphic designer do in a day?

There’s no ‘typical’ day for a freelance graphic designer.  Activities depend on the type of work someone is doing and could include liaising with a client, marketing their business, doing research on a project, creating concepts and putting proposals together, generating sketches, layouts and designs using computer applications and software and so on.  No two days will be the same.

How do I set-up as a freelance graphic designer?

If you’re going out on your own, it’s a good idea to set up a project management system which will help keep all your daily operations in order.  You will need to be familiar with design software such as Quark, InDesign and Adobe and if you’re going to be designing graphics for websites, you will need to be familiar with programming languages.  You will need to set yourself up with your own website showcasing your work, your experience and your abilities and have really great social media profiles which highlight your talents.

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