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To get ahead in the competitive online space, your business needs a powerful digital marketing strategy.  The marketing strategists in our directory can help showcase your brand online and make sure your digital voice is heard.  Whether you’re starting out or need to revitalise your strategy to grow your business further, you’ll find a marketing expert on our directory that’s right for you.


The E-Commerce Business Coach


The Leading #1 E-Commerce Coach for E-Commerce Store owners looking to scale. I am a strategic e-commerce coach and mentor;  results-focused, and passionate about scaling e-commerce brands.

Marketing Goodness

New South Wales

Stand out with great copy and a consistent presence so your ideal customers fall in love with you.

I'm a marketing strategist, content creator and LinkedIn geek who can help you attract more of the right people to your business.

Jessica Osborn | Business & Marketing Coach

Australia Online Only

Align your strategy to easily attract premium paying clients so you can smash your income goals within school hours and spend more quality time with your family!

For professionals, creatives and coaches.

Ads Haus


Choose Ads Haus for data-driven, DIY training, done-with-you or done-for-you social media ad campaign Management that’ll boost your visibility, nurture your ideal clients, and skyrocket your sales.

Email Parade

Australia Online Only

I'm Tamsin. Founder of boutique email marketing agency, Email Parade, helping Service-based businesses and Ecommerce brands to standout and build consistent revenue, without feeling spammy.


How much is a marketing strategist?

The fee for a marketing strategist really does depend on the individual’s experience and skills, but as a ballpark, you can expect to pay between $100 - $300 an hour for their services.  A marketing strategist may also charge a fixed project fee.  Bear in mind that a good marketing strategist can deliver value that lasts for years and the benefits can far outweigh the initial cost.

What does a marketing strategist do?

A marketing strategist is responsible for researching, developing, implementing, monitoring, updating and communicating a marketing strategy which meets a business’s commercial goals.  The strategy will involve multiple channels and can incorporate many different elements such as content development, email and digital marketing, paid media, customer engagement, events etc. 

How much should I pay a marketing consultant?

The amount you pay a marketing consultant will depend on a number of things, including their level of experience, the type of work you need them to do, whether you need them for a one-off project or a monthly retainer etc.  If they’re charging per hour, a ballpark figure is between $85 - $300.

How much do freelance marketers make?

A freelance marketer’s earnings will depend on the rates they charge and how much work they do.  According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a freelance marketer is $58 000 per year in Australia.

What makes a good marketing consultant?

Successful marketing consultants have a broad range of business, technical, analytical, inter-personal and communication skills.  To be a good marketing consultant, you need to be able to quickly gain a deep understanding of the client’s business, its brand identity and messages, audiences, objectives and KPIs so that you can analyse and improve on their current marketing strategy.

A good marketing consultant will need strong communication skills to work across disciplines, and be able to plan and co-ordinate a variety of targeted marketing activities which deliver sustainable success.

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