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Whatever your communication and copywriting need, we have a large pool of professional freelance copywriters to tell and sell your story.  From website copy to articles, blogs, email marketing and social media posts, you’ll find creative SEO copywriters who will craft the perfect content to help drive traffic to your business and improve your SEO results.

Sonia Eyles Copy

Australia Online Only

I write authentic, personality-packed copy to woo your customers faster than Barry White.

(Cue: smouldering saxophone …)

Katie Dimario | Copywriter


Based in Perth WA, I work with small businesses to increase their online presence.

From creative brainstorming sessions to SEO content, I can help you stand out from the crowd and make it easier for your customers to find you.

Kelly Talks Social

Australia Online Only

I help coaches and service-based business owners market their business on Instagram through my 1:1 coaching, online course and digital products.

Email Parade


I'm Tamsin. Founder of boutique marketing agency, Email Parade. I work with retail brands and marketing teams to unlock predictable revenue, consistent growth & customer loyalty with email & SMS marketing.

Blossom & Grow SEO, Web Design, Copywriting


I’m Karen Phillips, your bestie when it comes to getting found online! I build beautiful mobile responsive websites that clearly convey your marketing message to your target audience, SEO optimised so the right people can find you on Google.

Copywriters FAQ'S


What is an SEO copywriter?

An SEO copywriter writes online content that contains keywords and phrases (ie the words that someone would enter into a search engine to find information).  The copy is written in such a way that it’s helpful, engaging and useful to a human reader and which can be understood by Google too.  An SEO copywriter’s goal is to write web copy and articles that convert website traffic into leads and sales.

What is a freelance copywriter?

A freelance copywriter writes material for clients on a contract or project basis.  Their work may also include research, conducting interviews and producing optimised copy for SEO purposes.  Examples of work that a freelance copywriter could be contracted to do includes speeches, marketing material, media releases, blogs, website copy, training manuals, social media posts, advertising copy and case studies.

What does an SEO copywriter do?

An SEO copywriter writes online content that generates organic traffic to a website, thereby helping webpages rank higher in the search engines.  They do this by writing high quality, original material that includes target keywords and phrases which a searcher would type into the search engines.  The copy is written in such a way that it is readable by humans as well as search engine bots.

Do I need SEO in my copywriting?

If you’re writing content for websites where the goal is to improve a site’s ranking in the search engines, then the answer is ‘yes’.  You need SEO in your copywriting when you write material (eg webpage content, blogs, guest posts etc) which have the ultimate goal of improving that content’s visibility in the search engines.

How much are freelance copywriters?

You can expect to pay anything between $40 - $250 per hour for a freelance copywriter in Australia, but rates can vary.  The rate for a freelance copywriter depends on their experience, specialist skills, the complexity of the task, required turnaround times and where the freelancer is located.  It may be possible to negotiate a daily or project fee with a freelance copywriter.

What are the 6 core copywriting skills?

  1. Ability to write copy that is engaging and easy to read. It’s like telling a good story, with content that flows logically and conversationally.
  2. Strong grammar skills and a wide vocabulary.
  3. Good copywriters empathise with their audience and can put themselves in the reader’s shoes. 
  4. A good copywriter is creative and has strong research skills.
  5. A good copywriter has an awareness of SEO and can craft words that serve a purpose (eg selling a product or attracting a lead/clickthrough).
  6. Ability to work to deadlines

How do I become a copywriter?

Some copywriters complete formal training (such as Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing, a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing or a journalism qualification) while others are self-taught having gained experience by working in industries such as public relations, media and marketing.

What exactly does a copywriter do?

A copywriter basically writes material for just about any audience, any purpose and any industry.  This includes advertising copy, website copy, articles, blogs, marketing and promotional materials, emails, social media posts, newsletters, media releases and speeches.

Is there a difference between a copywriter and an SEO copywriter?

Yes - copywriting and SEO writing are two different tasks that require different techniques. Both serve a purpose and both need to tell and sell a story, but there’s a difference.  A traditional copywriter gets into the hearts and minds of the reader on a ‘softer’ level, whilst an SEO copywriter’s specific aim is to produce material with SEO keywords woven through it so that it can be found in online searches, thereby increasing organic traffic and achieving higher rankings in the search engine pages.

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