How to Setup Facebook Lead Ads


To grow your business, you need to attract leads through various marketing activities. Are you able to tell where your leads currently come from? Or how many you need to achieve your sales goals? Do you have a plan to bring leads consistently into your business and a plan to build a relationship with them? Have you done a lead generation campaign in the past, with less than great results?

If you’re new to strategic lead generation, or if you’ve tried various strategies and tools with no success, then you may want to try one of my favourite tools, a Facebook Lead Ad. Essentially, a Facebook Lead Ad is a way to be able to capture someone’s details within the Facebook platform. Users click on an ad, they are then taken to a form which can be pre-populated with the data Facebook has for them, then the details are held in the Ads Manager. You can then go and download a CSV file of your captured leads whenever you like. You can even connect your email marketing platform (like Mailchimp or Marketo) and have the process completely automated.


How to Set up your Facebook Lead Form


Before creating an ad campaign, you will need to set up a form.

To do this:
1. Go to the ‘Publishing tools’ section of your Facebook page
2. Under the ‘Leads Ads Forms’ section, click on ‘Forms Library’
3. From here, you will need to set up your first form, by clicking the blue ‘Create’ button
4. As you are not likely to have an existing form, select the ‘New form’ option.

Now you’re ready to build you form!

As you move through the form, you’ll be prompted to add in the content that is relevant.

This part is quite straight forward, though the important parts to consider:
– Once you publish your form, you cannot edit it. Instead you will need to duplicate and edit.
– There is not a lot of room for copy, so be direct and compelling. Use dot points if you need to
– You will need to add in your Privacy Policy, so make sure you have one on your website
– Think about what information you will need to collect. Up to 5 fields seems to be the most appropriate number. Beyond this, and engagement usually goes down significantly

Facebook Lead Create Form


Creating your ad campaign


Now that you have your form ready, it’s time to create your campaign.
1. Start by creating a new campaign
2. In the campaign section, the objective you’ll need to select is ‘Lead Generation’
3. When you reach the Ad Set stage, make sure to select the Facebook page for the campaign, in addition to the usual set up of audience, budget and timing
4. Then in the Ad Creative stage, upload your image or video, add in your copy, and select the Lead Form you will be using (which is the one you just created)

It’s worthwhile noting that as lead forms are located wholly within the Facebook platform, and an external link is not required.


What are the pros and cons of a Facebook Leads Ad


Advantages of Facebook Lead Ads
– They are inexpensive and easy to set up
– You do not need a landing page or lead capture programs
– The data will be viable, as it’s pre-populated
– Great for mobile user experience

Disadvantages of Facebook Lead Ads
– You are not sending people to you own website
– There is limited space for you to craft your message
– Not all CRM systems integrate into Facebook, so you may need to manually move data
– If you’re not careful, you can generate a lot of low quality leads as the experience is so easy for users

Facebook Lead Ads are great if you are just starting out or don’t have the budget to create your own landing pages. With every tool, the better you plan, the better chance you will have of being able to generate leads for your business.

Have you used Facebook Lead Ads before? Will you use them to generate leads?


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