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Need legal advice or professional legal services for your business?  Browse our directory of small business lawyers to find a service provider to help with all your legal matters including website Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, customised agreements and contracts. And if you specifically want a female business lawyer, you’ll find their services listed on our Digital Mums Directory too.



SoundLegal is a Perth-based legal practice, specialising in construction, engineering, consulting and other commercial contracts.


What can a small business lawyer assist me with?

When you’re running a small business, there are many aspects where qualified legal advice is required.  A small business lawyer can help with all commercial and business matters including corporate governance, website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, customised agreements, drafting and reviewing employee, supplier or customer contracts, resolving disputes or disagreements, buying or selling your business and reviewing and negotiating commercial leases.  

When do I need to use a small business lawyer?

When it comes to matters of law, it’s always worth getting professional legal advice early on.  A small business lawyer will be up-to-date with any laws pertaining to small businesses and will ensure that all aspects of your business are legally compliant.

Will a small business lawyer save me money?

Engaging a small business lawyer to ensure your business is legally compliant can save you a lot of money down the line.  And even if you’re just starting out and paying for legal advice seems excessive, it’s worthwhile hiring a small business lawyer to help you make the right decisions, prepare the paperwork correctly and set your business up properly from the outset so that you avoid legal issues down the line. It will be money well spent.

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