Overcoming The One-Click Link in Instagram

Instagram is fast becoming the go-to platform for many businesses. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is a sea of beautifully choreographed images popular with product based businesses and design businesses. 

With images shown in all their glory, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular and why so many of us get lost in the world of Instagram.

But, where there are plenty of positives to Instagram, there’s also a few weaknesses that take some know how to get around. One of the main sticking points is the one link only function.

Where other platforms like Facebook and Pinterest let you link away to your website and other business interests, Instagram only gives you one single bio link. There are no active links in any of the copy or posts. This can become limiting when wanting to share a blog or recipe link.

Most businesses will have their main website homepage URL in the bio link and hope they can navigate visitors to where they need to go. But this only works when your website is perfectly crafted to mobile viewing. With Instagram being a mobile based platform, any links from Instagram need to go to mobile friendly landing pages. Anything less and you might as well not bother.

So, how do we get around the one link issue and make it work for your business?

One option is to…


Change your bio link (and tell people!)

There’s no limit to how many times you can change your bio link. So updating it to your latest blog post or new recipe release is common. This is a free and simple way to direct people to your website easily. 

Don’t forget, even though most people know how to use Instagram now, it’s still good practice to let them know what action you want them to take. When posting your copy, make sure you write “click the link in our bio” to draw them to the area you want them to go. Just make sure you change the link in your bio to the relevant landing page or destination!

The problem with this option is that someone may click on a post from last week. If the link in your bio has already changed, they won’t be able to find the post they were looking for….so maybe consider….

Creating your own landing page

As we touched on above, Instagram is a mobile platform, therefore you need a mobile friendly destination. Many business owners create their own landing pages specifically for Instagram which sits on their existing website. They have a page on their website that clearly outlines their menus in a tile formation so it’s easy for the person to click on where they want to go. This doesn’t need to look pretty on desktop, it only needs to be set out so it looks good in a one column scroll. 

TIP: Use images and clear headings to direct people. I.e. have a tile for blogs, a tile for services or a tile to direct to your shop if you’re a product based business. It makes it much easier for someone to see where to go rather than look for your navigation menu.

You could engage with a Website Developer to create this landing page for you, or you may want to consider one of these out of the box solutions….



Linktree is a popular option for business owners wanting to maximise the one click only feature. What Linktree does is gives you the option to add several more links into the one click.

Here’s how it works. 
When someone clicks on your bio link, they are taken to your own Linktree landing page which will have all your buttons to open up the destinations for your visitors. You can set as many as you like, although we’d recommend not to go too crazy and overwhelm your new found friend. 

Linktree is free for the basic plan and it gives you all you need to get started. You can track how many clicks per link you’re getting and upload a profile image to show you’re you. You can’t customise your landing page though. This can only be done in the pro plan which is only $6 (US) per month.

If you’re ok paying for the privilege, the pro plan has many cool features that make it well worth it. 

  • Link to your Facebook pixel and retargeting to Facebook and Instagram visitors 
  • Remove Linktree branding and links
  • Capture emails through the newsletter/sign up integration
  • Time your links to go live with scheduled posts
  • And much more

Link In Profile

Link in Profile is a very easy, no fuss set up for adding live links to your Instagram profile. You simply sign up with your Instagram account and add a landing page. Everytime you add a link into the copy of your Instagram post, it will automatically appear on the landing page. Your bio link directs people to your Link in Profile landing page.

As the Link in Profile website is quite light on detail (although got to say the simplicity is refreshing), we found someone using this app quite effectively to show you. As you can see with Skinny Taste, their recipes are all listed neatly in the landing page of their Link in Profile. Each link directs straight to their relevant website post.

Link in Profile has a free trial for 30 days so you can see if it’s for you. After that it’s a small $9.99 (US) per month. For the ease that this service provides, we think it’s well worth the small investment. We’d recommend this app for blogging sites and recipe based sites for ease of use and simplicity in showing your links.



Apart from having a really cool name, Milkshake is an app that you use straight from your phone. No desktop or technical knowledge required! 

So what is Milkshake?

Basically, it lets you create a mini website for your Instagram. You build a mini Insta site that acts as a landing page for your visitors. Landing pages are beautiful and swipe just like Insta stories making them mobile and user friendly.

Milkshake is free and available in the Apple iOS App store. The down side, it’s only compatible with iPhone and iPad at the moment. So Android users will have to wait for the app to become android friendly.

Milkshake is a good alternative for someone who doesn’t have a website set up yet. It acts like a mini website where you can house your content. But, like with all third party apps, you don’t own the content and you’re at the mercy of the developers.


In Summary

Despite the limitations Instagram has put on it’s users, there are many ways to use it to your advantage and really grow your business on the platform.

Whilst you can go the easy option and change your bio link, the benefits of using a third party app seem to trump that. One of the main benefits in using an app is the link in your bio stays the same. No more worrying about old links or people being directed to the wrong content. 

The third party apps are all very affordable with 2 being free and the paid plans coming in for less than a couple of cups of coffee a month. The small investment in your business that these options can make are certainly worth the 5 minutes it takes to set them up.



Needing help with your Instagram account?

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