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Looking to build your digital understanding? You’ve come to the right place!

Our Digital Experts have a range of courses, workshops and in person workshops to help you grow your understanding of the online space, website development, social media, video creation – we’ve got you!

Business JAM with Jessica Osborn

Do you want to sign high-quality clients every month so that you can replace your corporate salary in part-time hours, finally quit the day job and have total freedom over how you work?

Let’s get your strategy aligned to deliver the business you want!

Instead of relying on referrals, competing on price, or sending icky cold DMs, you’ll get the 5-step blueprint to signing a steady stream of clients on high-value services.

  • For service-based businesses
  • Self-paced 10 week online program
  • Live coaching & support

Go from frazzled freelancer to credible authority attracting the best clients – without the hustle!

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The SEO School

The most comprehensive SEO Course to help Google – and your
customers – find your business online, quickly and easily.

Imagine if Google LOVED your site and put you up as one of the TOP results for your industry – every single time someone searched.

That’s the power of strategic, targeted SEO. Simply by learning how to optimise your website, you can ensure that your business appears at or near the top in the organic results for Google searches (they’re the ones that ‘naturally’ come up when you search, and carry more weight in the eyes of consumers than paid ads), resulting in way more people finding you online, leading to more customers, more conversions, and more income.

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Want to be a Virtual Assistant?

Want to be a VA but have absolutely no idea where to begin?

VA Institute has been helping people just like you build and grow successful and profitable Virtual Assistant businesses since 2017.

Choose from:

  • Self-paced online where you can learn at your own pace
  • One-on-One Zoom workshops
  • In-Person Intensive Retreat

Developed by Ingrid Bayer – an experienced and successful Australian VA since 2008 – our programs provide you with ALL THE TOOLS and resources you need to confidently begin your Virtual Assistant career (plus access to great jobleads when you’re fully launched).

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Learn the legal must-haves to confidently get paid in your business

You deserve to get paid! This course has been designed to ensure you get paid in your small business quickly, and hassle-free. Empower yourself – get the necessary legal documents + systems in place so you can get that money in your pocket on time, have reliable cash flow, AND smash your financial targets.

What’s inside?

  • Easy to watch video lessons with Tracey Mylecharane Solicitor
  • A complete set of correspondence guides
  • Professional phone script
  • Self-audit checklist
  • Step by step client verification
  • Processes and system checklist
  • Easy to use workbook

Sign Up – Get Immediate Lifetime Access – Work Through At Your Own Pace – Feel Confident With Real Peace Of Mind.

‘Getting Paid Made Easy’ is straightforward and full of all the details you need – to be on your way to easy, streamlined money. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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Your Blueprint for Website Success

STOP! Don’t build your website without a Blueprint

Planning your website doesn’t need to be daunting. The Website Success Blueprint is your step-by-step guide to everything you need to create your dream website – whether you’re planning to DIY it or hand it all over to your developer, this will ensure you have the right foundations in place.

Delivered in three parts covering the essential things you need to plan for success:

  • Start with Strategy – your goals, success plan, site structure & keywords
  • Delightful Design – your branding & images; UX design essentials
  • Content that Converts – how & what to write for visitors & SEO, your key pages & supporting content

Includes 9 modules, 31 lessons with short easy-to-digest videos, and 20 editable workbooks and templates.

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Power In Numbers – Setup For Financial Success

Build the right foundations for your small business success. Learning about numbers, money management and financials for start ups.

  • 4 modules
  • 4 weekly group coaching sessions
  • Step by step checklists, PDFs and spreadsheet resources
  • Me, Lisa Turner, helping you each week along the way

Go from feeling confused and overwhelmed by your numbers, to feeling empowered, organised and in control.

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Do you have a WordPress website that you have no idea how to use? Do you have updates accumulating causing stress every time you log on?

Let’s take back control of your website together and say goodbye to overwhelm and  unnecessary website stresses.

Navigating WordPress is designed for beginners to show you what you need to know, not what a developer wants to show you they know! With me so far?

We’ll cover:

  • Safely updating your website

  • Plugins

  • Website security

  • Uploading optimised images

  • Uploading a blog and more

All in easy to follow videos that you can watch at your own pace. It’s an evergreen, lifetime access course so there’s no pressure to watch every video right now and you can rewatch them anytime you need.  Finally, a WordPress course that’s actually for business owners!

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Instagram Unpacked – Course + Coaching + Community

Instagram Unpacked is an online course + group coaching program with a full 12 months of support.⁠⁠

Instagram Unpacked will give you:⁠

  • The skills to create first-class content that grows your Instagram account AND bank account! ⁠
  • Sustainable strategies and time-saving templates to show up with purpose and develop business-building relationships⁠
  • Direct access to an experienced Instagram Coach and business community where you can get up-to-date information and advice to keep up with Instagram’s (many!) updates⁠.

And so much more!⁠

Get your first-class ticket from chaos to consistency here

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Create a Brand Archetype for your one-person business

Are you the owner of a one-person business that’s in need of more clients? If you’ve done the FREE QUIZ, now do this quick course and start attracting clients you’d really like to work with, using a simple, logical framework.

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Ready to Reel

Learn how to create high-impact, low-fuss, Instagram Reels for your brand or business (no dancing required).

With Ready To Reel you will:

  • Learn how to strategically use Reels for your brand or business
  • Discover the best content types to share in this format
  • Find out where to get trending music and how incorporate trends into your content plan
  • Create Reels with Canva – everyone’s favourite design tool
  • Level up your editing skills – mastering text placement or tackling transitions, thanks to the step-by-step video tutorials.

Get Reelin’ now

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One-person business brand discovery intensive

This 1-on-1 unique intensive course/coaching combination is designed to give you meaningful information about your business, quickly and is the perfect balance between ‘hold my hand’ and ‘DIY’.

Knowing why your clients are likely to be attracted to you, and how to use this information to your advantage, is some of the most useful information you can have as a business owner.


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