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Automate for Success: Grow Your List with Qualified Leads

Tamsin Stark

In this masterclass Tamsin shares why email marketing is your best channel for sustainable business growth, how to grow your list (with examples!), and her favourite tools for getting the job done! There’s an easy way to grow your list all year round, with the right types of people, that is stress-free and automated!

WordPress: Keeping Your Website Safe & Secure

Gaye Nilson

The software components that make up your WordPress website are constantly being updated to not only add new features and bug fixes, but to combat the ever-present threat all websites face of security breaches and malware attacks. In this masterclass Gaye will take us through how to ensure we keep our website safe and secure.

Mastering Social Media Video: The Ultimate One Page Content Plan


No more complicated spreadsheets, over thinking or over planning your social media video and other content. The one page planning method is fast, visual, and takes away the time wasting guesswork about what to create content about to reach your goals.

High-Converting Websites: The 3 Must-Haves

Belinda Owen

In this masterclass Belinda Owen takes us through three key features that your website must have in order to convert leads. A website is only as good as its design and functionality. If this is lacking, then your website won’t be performing at its optimum level.

Ready, Set, EOFY: Tips for a Stress-Free Tax Time

Michelle Maynard

In this masterclass our small business money expert Michelle Maynard will run through what you need to do to get EOFY ready to make tax time stress free AND get the most from your return.

Where To Start When Teaching Online


In this session Linda shares strategies for getting the knowledge out of your head, the breaking it down into content you can teach online, along with her fav tech to get the job done.

Let’s Get Reel!


In this session you will learn the benefits of including Reels in your content strategy, the best content types to share in this format and how to create Reels fast – with plenty of examples and ideas to inspire you

Understanding the Metaverse

Tenai Seymour

In this masterclass Tenai gave us an overview of the Metaverse (Facebook & Instagram) and a step by step guide focusing on the Anatomy of an Ad, how people respond to the different areas of the ad and tips for each component to get you the results you want.

My favourite SEO Tools

Karen Dauncey

In this session Karen runs through some of her favourite SEO tools (including Google) and how she uses them for keyword research, finding blog content ideas and finding backlinks.

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