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Starting a new business?  Existing website need an overhaul?  Want a website with WOW? Browse our directory to find a freelance website designer who suits your needs and budget.  Whether you’re a small start-up or a substantial business, your website needs to be both functional and fantastic and our directory is the place to find the right freelance web designer for the job.



Liz does things a bit differently. Rather than simply building your website for you, she builds it alongside you, so that you learn how your website works for you as a key marketing tool, but also how to update it yourself, whenever you want!

Simply Savvy Web


Simply Savvy Web is a boutique web design service based in Mandurah, WA, specialising in creating, maintaining & supporting WordPress websites for micro and solo businesses.

JAM Business Support Services


Hi, my name is Julie, I love to help clients banish their feelings of overwhelm and get their online content up-to-date and on-brand.

If you are at a sticking point that’s stopping you from growing your business, JAM can help!

Blossom & Grow SEO, Web Design, Copywriting


I’m Karen Phillips, your bestie when it comes to getting found online! I build beautiful mobile responsive websites that clearly convey your marketing message to your target audience, SEO optimised so the right people can find you on Google.

CloudXS Digital

Australia Online Only

CloudXS Digital is a boutique online course agency. We are Thinkific Expert Agency Partners who work with coaches, consultants and thoughtleaders who are ready to grow their impact online with beautiful, conversional, student focused online courses.

Smart Robbie


Smart Robbie specialises in WordPress Website Design, Website Maintenance and Branding.

Belinda Owen | Web Design & Training


Brisbane based, I help service-based business owners build their online presence through easy to navigate web design, management & training, taking the scary out of WordPress and empowering business owners to have ultimate control of your website.

Web Developers FAQ'S


What skills do I need to become a freelance web developer?

A sound knowledge of computer software and different coding languages is the starting point for any freelance web developer.  You also need a thorough understanding of what’s involved in a web design project process before going on your own, and that’s best gained through work experience in a web design agency.  You also need strong interpersonal skills, good numeracy skills, good organisational skills, an ability to multitask and work under pressure to succeed as a freelance web developer.

How do I become a web developer?

Although you don’t need formal qualifications to enter the job market as a web developer, a good starting point is acquiring some sort of formal training or certification.  This will teach you about key areas such as coding and programming languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), user experience (UX), user interface (UI), visual design, front and back-end web programming languages and animation techniques.  Thereafter, getting a job as an intern with a web design company is a really good step as there really is no substitute for work experience.

Do I need to know all website platforms?

No.  You’ll find that different web developers often specialise in different platforms such Shopify, Wix and WordPress, but an experienced web developer will have the skills and versatility to work on any platform.  Web developers often fall into one of three categories, namely back-end developers (server side), front-end developers (user facing) and full-stack developers.  Back-end developers generally create the website’s structure and work on functionality, while front-end developers are responsible for the visual side.  A full-stack developer understands the strategies and processes for both front and back-end.

What’s the difference between a web developer and a web designer?

A web designer is like an architect while a web designer is like a builder.  A web designer is more on the aesthetic side of a website, responsible for its ‘look and feel’ (ie the layout, usability and visual appearance), while a web developer builds the site using coding languages.

What are 5 things web designers do?

A web designer creates the look, layout and features of a website, and this requires a mix of artistic design and technical proficiency. In other words, a web designer needs to understand graphic design as well as computer programming.

The 5 things web designers do include:

  1.     Working with clients to conceptualise new websites or pages
  2.     Designing the visual layout of new websites or web pages
  3.     Ensuring users have a positive experience
  4.     Maintaining and updating webpages, including plugins
  5.     Ensure ongoing optimum functionality of a website (restore broken links, remove dead links etc)


What should I look for in a great web developer?

A great web developer will have a strong combination of people skills and technical skills.  They need to be a good listener and communicator as they will have to transform your vision for your website into a workable reality.  You should also look for a web developer who has a strong reputation for being a team player, someone who is reliable and flexible and who can work within time constraints.  A great web developer will also have strong technical expertise and will have a good perspective on the user experience.

How do I choose a web developer?

It’s really worth spending time finding the right web developer.  After all, they’re going to be a trusted partner in your business. Ask to see other websites that they’ve built and read their customer reviews and testimonials.  Also ask other business owners for recommendations and interview a shortlist before making a final decision.

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