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Browse our directory to find an email marketing expert who can power up your customer communication.  Whether you’re starting from scratch, need advice on your current strategy or looking for an email marketing virtual assistant to manage your campaigns, you’ll find your fit in our directory.


Empress of Order

Western Australia

Empress of Order helps women with business overload bring order to their lives, with processes and systems that leave them feeling supported and calm, with space to create.

Creative Desk

Australia Online Only

Creative Desk is your virtual marketing assistant, we assist small businesses with affordable and professional marketing communications. Whether you need full support on daily basis or have a one off project, we can assist.

Email Parade


I'm Tamsin. Founder of boutique marketing agency, Email Parade. I work with retail brands and marketing teams to unlock predictable revenue, consistent growth & customer loyalty with email & SMS marketing.

Cue the Confetti


Hey! I’m Kylie. I help wedding professionals scale their business through admin support, email marketing and systems set up.

I'm here to support your business... so you can get back to doing what you love, working with couples!

CloudXS Digital

Australia Online Only

CloudXS Digital is a boutique online course agency. We are Thinkific Expert Agency Partners who work with coaches, consultants and thoughtleaders who are ready to grow their impact online with beautiful, conversional, student focused online courses.

Mel Vinen | Virtual Assistant


Stop spending precious time trying to muddle your way through your email marketing systems and get back to your life. Let me untangle your email marketing lists and set your automations so you can get back to making an impact in your clients lives.

Email Marketing FAQ'S


What is an email marketing expert?

An email marketing expert develops and/or co-ordinates tailored email marketing strategies and campaigns for brands.  They focus on writing and optimising email communications which aim to connect with the reader, engage with them, compel them to action and ultimately sell something to them.

What do email experts do?

The overall goal of an email expert is to use creative email communication to maximise revenue opportunities.  An email marketing specialist creates written communications which are sent to a target audience of prospective and/or existing customers to promote a particular brand or product.  Responsibilities of an email expert include managing their clients’ email marketing strategies, researching, building and maintaining email lists, understanding digital trends, writing targeted emails which nurture leads and encourage open rates and using analytics and technical tools to evaluate the campaign performance.

What does an email marketing consultant do?

The primary job of an email marketing consultant is to help clients generate more leads or convert more sales through targeted email communications.  They generally work on a freelance or contract basis to help clients develop and maintain effective email marketing campaigns.

How much do email marketing experts charge?

There’s no set cost of an email marketing expert as pricing varies hugely depending on the scope of work.  The minimum hourly rate for an email marketing specialist is probably around the $100 mark and some experts prefer to charge a monthly project fee.  The best thing to do is to research some email marketing agencies or freelancers and get in touch to discuss their pricing in relation to your particular needs.

How do I become an email marketing consultant?

You don’t need a formal qualification to become an email marketing consultant, although some employers may have specific requirements such as a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Communications.  There are also plenty of options for short courses, certificates and diplomas as well as online training programmes.  There’s no substitute for experience however, so the very best way to learn all the ins and outs of email marketing is working with a digital marketing company.

What skills do email marketing experts need?

Broadly speaking, email marketing experts have to craft captivating and compelling emails that grab the consumer’s attention.  This means they need excellent copywriting and creative communications skills, as well as exceptional proofreading and editing skills.  They need a background in web design and must have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.  They need strong technical skills, including an understanding of data analytics and know how to configure and use automation solutions.  Email marketing experts also need to know about anti-spam rules.

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