Social media managers are in high demand these days as savvy business owners move to capitalise on the escalating popularity of platforms like TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

These channels offer huge opportunities for brands to connect with their customers, develop relationships with their online community, build their reputations of course, increase their sales.  

The social media world is bursting with choices and the challenge for business owners and digital marketers is to find cost-effective ways of taking advantage of all that’s on offer.  That’s why there’s such a need for social media managers who can effectively plan, implement, manage and monitor a business’s social media strategy.  

But if you’re wanting a helping hand with your socials, what can you expect to pay for a social media manager?

Cost of a social media manager

Rates for a freelance social media manager generally correspond to their years of experience.  

This guide from Hootsuite gives a good overview of the hourly rates charged according to experience and expertise.

Level of experience hourly rate

  • Junior (0 – 2 years) $20 – $30
  • Mid-level (3 – 5 years) $40 – $75
  • Senior (5+ years) $80 – $100

Someone with years of experience will obviously cost a bit more and providers will charge differently according to the frequency of posts, the number of channels utilised and the level of service required.  

Whether you prefer an hourly rate, a project fee or a monthly retainer, you can always discuss options with a potential provider to find a solution that’s best suited to your needs and budget.

Most small businesses aim high when it comes to growth and success, but need to keep a lid on their costs.  Luckily, there are plenty of skilled freelance social media managers who don’t cost the earth and who are highly motivated to deliver the goods.  

Choosing the right social media manager

There’s a sense of solidarity among small business owners.  They know how valuable – and effective – mutual support can be, which is why our Digital Mums Directory is a good place for you to find a social media manager for your small business.

A social media manager can be a significant asset to your business, but choosing the right person for the job is crucial.

Experience in your particular industry, particularly if you’re operating in a niche market sector, can be very valuable as you’ll benefit from their insider knowledge.  

When you’re looking around for someone to help you with your socials, check out some of the work they’ve done previously.  Does the content fit with the tone and personality of your brand?  Did they create paid ad campaigns?  Ask them to show you results they’ve achieved and look for someone who has a clear passion for their job and who’s genuinely excited about the prospect of working with you.

The different demographic groups favour different channels, so it’s vital to target social media campaigns carefully.  Look for a person who understands your business objectives and your target market and who can plan and implement a strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

A final though on the cost of a Social Media Manager

The right social media manager will understand your vision and use their skills, experience and enthusiasm to communicate and engage with your followers to achieve your business goals.  The best person for the job need not cost the earth, and their efforts could result in your business soaring sky high! 

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