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If you are looking for strategic, high-level, supportive guidance for your online business, then our Australian business coaches will be able to help you grow your online business and achieve success. Browse our directory of female small business coaches to find a good fit for your business. Whether you are looking to get started with email marketing, defining your strategy, or just want someone to manage it all for you, our Australian business coaches can help.

CloudXS Digital

Australia Online Only

CloudXS Digital is a boutique online course agency. We are Thinkific Expert Agency Partners who work with coaches, consultants and thoughtleaders who are ready to grow their impact online with beautiful, conversional, student focused online courses.

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Data-driven business consultants helping business owners achieve their big-picture goals through bespoke strategies, efficient management and initiative-driven implementation services.

VA Institute


VA Institute is your go-to resource for Virtual Assistant Training, Coaching and Mentoring with programs developed & delivered by experienced VAs since 2017

Accounts All Sorted


Bookkeeping, Payroll, Business Advisory, Admin Support and Xero Onboarding, Setup and Training. Our professional team of certified bookkeepers and BAS agents ensure you are compliant and up to date with your ATO deadlines and requirements

Ads Haus


Choose Ads Haus for data-driven, DIY training, done-with-you or done-for-you social media ad campaign Management that’ll boost your visibility, nurture your ideal clients, and skyrocket your sales.


What is a small business coach?

Small business coaches use their expertise and experience to support small business owners achieve better results.  They’re like a partner in the business, providing valuable insights, information and strategic advice to help business owners recognise their strengths and weaknesses.  They can also formulate and implement their business plans.

Are business coaches worth it?

Business coaches can help small business owners grow in a variety of ways by providing advice, strategic analysis and feedback.  They can help small businesses maximise their productivity and become more successful.  A business coach can most definitely be worth it, but the trick is finding the right fit for your organisation.

What can a business coach help me with?

Think of a business coach as an experienced, supportive mentor who gives you personalised advice and insights to help you build your business and achieve greater success.  They’ll help you define and implement your strategic goals and they’ll support you as you work to realise your vision.

How much do business coaches charge?

There’s no set fee for hiring a business coach.  There are a lot of variables such as the scale and scope of the task, whether coaching is one-on-one or in a group environment and the skills and experience of the business coach themselves.  Typically, the hourly rate for a business coach in Australia ranges from $170 - $500, while the fee for an executive business coach can be significantly higher.  Some business coaches charge an annual fixed fee depending on the terms of the contract.

What makes a good business coach?

Generally, a small business coach will have owned their own business in the past and can therefore use their talents and experience to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals.  A good business coach will have strong business skills as well as strong interpersonal and coaching skills.  They also need to be a good listener, a good communicator and a careful investigator as well as be highly motivated to make your business more profitable.

Why do I need a business coach?

You need a business coach if you could do with some expert advice and assistance in clarifying your vision and establishing a path towards meeting your goals.  If you’re new to the world of small businesses, a business coach can be an invaluable asset in determining your success.

What do I need to do to become a business coach?

Good starting points for a business coach are industry experience, a strong business acumen and a passion for helping others to achieve their potential.  However, as coaching is a specialist skill, it is recommended that you complete some formal training.

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