School Holiday Tips from Work at Home Mums

“I love working from home” ~ every WAHM mum not on school holidays…


As working parents, school holidays are always a challenge no matter your situation.

As work from home mums, our challenge is unique to us… yes we can be flexible with our hours, but essentially the work still needs to be done and some of us don’t work well between 9pm and 12am when the house is quiet.

So we asked some amazing Work from Home Mums to share their tips to juggling the home office, the kids and the general feeling of “mum guilt” that hits us all.

Two special guests also join this blog with some tips and suggestions on how to keep the kids entertained when you need to get some work done – you are going to love this one!

Plan ahead and be sure to make time for work and play. Be consciously aware that you won’t get as much work done during this time and that’s ok.

It’s all about being intentional with your time and planning ahead and being there for our kids!

I have this great FREE Downloadable which I like to use to plan out my school holiday weeks which is divided into Morning, Midday & Afternoon. I try and block one of these sections for a bit of work and one with an activity with the kids every day, it’s all about balance… right!

Download Rhiannon’s Planner –

Rhiannon McDonald

Rhiannon McDonald

I try and do a few things in the morning then do something with my son and then back to it in the evening when he is in bed. But mostly I just log on at night when he’s asleep.

Someday’s he’s just happy to play outside or watch videos and I jump in and do work on those days. We might just bake on one of those days so we’ve done something together and eating baking always keeps him happy and quiet too 😉

I’m definitely not Mum of the year, but he understands that Mummy works from home so I can be there for his sports days or to pick him up from school. So it’s a trade off. I usually find the hardest part of my job when he is home is client calls, so I do try and schedule them for school times as he has a habit of introducing himself to clients… or potential clients!

Belinda Owen

Belinda Owen Web Solutions

Meet Alana and Liss from Castle and Kite

Alana and Liss are two mums from the Gold Coast who love getting crafty with their kids. It’s their passion to make it easy for you to get crafty too. They have an amazing range of Art Supplies , Wikki Stix , Digital Downloads  and Learning Resources.

You’ll find them here:

– Magic Corn –

Magic Corn is so easy and fun to play with! It is made of corn starch and food colouring, making it non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Download the free printables from the Castle and Kite website  or let your children’s imaginations take charge – I especially love the gallery of artwork the kids have put together!

You can twist, mould, shape and cut the Magic Corn blocks. Each Magic Corn block needs to be moistened (there is a sponge in the pack) to adhere to paper or other blocks. Then you can press them together or onto the paper!

Play Dough New Ways

This is a great activity for younger kids and hopefully one that you can set up from things already in the house.
All you need is play dough and a collection of items you can find around the house, I’ve used yoghurt lids, small paddle pops, pom poms and some flower cutouts.
So easy to set up and you can let them create what they fancy.
Terrific for their fine motor skill development. Another option is to get your child to collect items from nature in a bucket and then use these items with the play dough.

I try to work in between. I still work at night and if possible get my mother in law to take my son for 1 day. If I can sneak 30 mins here and there then that’s great!

I think it’s important to have different expectations of yourself in the holidays or else you’ll end up stressed, snapping at your children and feeling like you are falling behind. Often we chose to be work from home mums so we can be there for our children. I try to remember that.

Louise East

More to Mum

I block out days so I can ensure I don’t take bookings. I organize the boys for play dates for 2 days a week and my husband finishes early on those days to have time with them.

It’s important to be organized, share the load and be strong not to be tempted to take more bookings and compromise family time!

My boys hold me accountable too! Part of being self employed is having the discipline to have midweek days off ⭐️ I catch up on asminmon the evenings.

Eve Coote

Best Start Lactation Consultancy

Meet Nicole from Creative Mum Life

Nicole is a mum of two girls aged 5 and 3, made-to-order cook, cleaner, crafts organiser and family budget manager. Her mission is to support mums and carers to make great choices by connecting them with a range of creative activities for their kids.
To encourage learning. 
To encourage development.
To encourage fun.

You’ll find her here

– Lego Maze Board –

Challenge your child to make their very own maze…after all, all children love mazes!

This activity quick and easy to set up, and is perfect for teaching skills in:
– Planning and preparation,
– Sequences,
– Problem-solving,
– Practice AND
– Perseverance.

It’s sure to keep your child busy! As they figure out how to make it aMAZEing with technical adjustments as they go.

Once all the pieces are in place, your child is able to tilt the Lego board maneuvering a small ball around the maze!

– Turtle Activity –

How cute is this little guy? A great easy activity to get the kids into during the holidays!

All you need is:
???? Three paddle pop sticks
???? Glue
???? Green felt pen
???? Black felt pen
???? Coloured Yarn

TIP: Prep the paddle pop sticks ahead of time by sticking them together with glue and letting dry (this way the kids can get stuck in and create our little friend without waiting for the glue to dry)

The kids can colour it in with the green felt pen, then draw on a face and feet with the black felt pen.

Tie the yarn in the centre (where the paddle pops join), then the kids can weave around the legs to create a coloured body.

I bought a multicoloured ball of yarn to get this result, (for $2 at the cheap shop) as my girls are rainbow obsessed!

1 day work/1 day with kids – this way I spend time with the kids and then they have a day to do what ever they want while I work. Some days they’re “bored” for a few moments, which is good for them to learn, as soon after they’re making cardboard craft or sewing or playing with friends.

In the first week, on the days at home working, I have the kids friends over and then the next week, the other families usually reciprocates which means some days I actually have no kids and get a bonus work day.

Sandra Connors

Visual Abode

I try and have a few days to focus on work but also plan days with activities to entertain and make memories. I look at local activities that we may not try during the weekends and try to do them during the school holidays especially if hubs has to work. I have a 10, 2 and 9 months so I try to find a park that suits them all and make sure to organise a play date for Mr 10 as seeing his friends is important too.

Rachael Lutton

Custody Calendar


Thankyou so much to all the Business Mums who shared their stories and a HUGE thankyou to Nicole from Creative Mum Life and Alana and Liss from Castle and Kite for sharing their ideas on how to keep the kids entertained!



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