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Love designing but don’t have the time?  Not sure how to use Canva?  Have a vision but don’t know where to start?  Have a look at our directory to find a Canva expert who can turn your ideas into stunning reality.  With a little help from a Canva virtual assistant, literally anything in the world of graphic design is possible.


Empress of Order

Western Australia

Empress of Order helps women with business overload bring order to their lives, with processes and systems that leave them feeling supported and calm, with space to create.

Career Pursuit


Virtual Assistant with a focus on recruitment and human resources, with a side of administration and organisation. Described as OCD, here to help you grow and expand your business!

JAM Business Support Services


Hi, my name is Julie, I love to help clients banish their feelings of overwhelm and get their online content up-to-date and on-brand.

If you are at a sticking point that’s stopping you from growing your business, JAM can help!


How do I become a Canva expert?

The best way to become a Canva expert is to get as much experience with the platform as possible and do the Canva Design Course to become a certified expert. You should also do tutorials whenever possible, make use of Canva’s training materials and sign up for their contributor programme.

How much can a Canva virtual assistant earn?

 The average earnings for a Canva virtual assistant depend on many variables, including the amount of work they do in any given month and the rates they charge.  You can expect to pay between $60 - $100 per hour for a Canva VA in Australia.  Some Canva VAs offer customised packages to clients such as producing 20 social media graphics per month.

What skills do I need to become a Canva VA?

To be a Canva VA, you would obviously require high levels of expertise in this powerful design platform and would definitely need to know the ins and outs of Canva Pro.  Your VA services could range from general design to more niche expertise such as social media design, e-books and template creation. 

To be a good Canva VA, you would also need to be creative and a good communicator, have solid research skills and be able to manage your time effectively.  

What does a Canva designer do?

A Canva designer uses Canva’s free software and toolkit to create high-quality graphics and customised images such as graphics, illustrations, icons and stickers.  A Canva designer also creates customised templates and layouts.  Canva has a programme for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, educators etc through which contributors earn royalties every time their work is used.

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