How to Create a Custom Business Email Address


Could you imagine emailing or to enquire about business? Nope. Same goes for your business, you aren’t any less professional than these guys and your customers would expect to see a professional email address even if you don’t have a website (which we should probably talk about that next).

Some website hosting providers do provide email hosting in your package, but please be careful how this is setup as the space you take up with storing emails may be using your website space. Setting up redirects and accessing stored emails when you are away from your computer can also be a pain.

My recommendation is to use a system like GSuite which is from Gmail. It allows you to create a custom email, have a huge storage space (unlimited should you choose) and is easily accessible from your laptop, desktop, mobile, holiday home computer or friends computer should the need arise.

I am a big believer in using the best business to perform the tasks I need done, Gmail is hands down the best email provider.

Now read on because while I am suggesting Gmail, its still a personalised/custom email for your business domain.

How Much does a personalised email cost?

GSuite costs $9 AUD per month for their basic plan, this gives you 1 name email, eg plus unlimited generic emails such as info@ and accounts@ so you can have things sorted and keep your name email free for the important stuff. 30gig of storage space is also included in this for not only your emails but also your business documents.

BONUS if you do use the link below – you will get 10% off your first year!

You will need to use think link and these codes together to get these benefits:

  • Link:
  • Google Workspace Business Starter Plan 10% off code – Y94DH9LAX9EENA3
  • Google Workspace Business Standard Plan 10% off code – R7CVL77R6EPGGCA

What if I don’t have a business domain?

You will need to have a business domain eg to set this up, but just follow the steps with Gsuite and all will be explained. You will still be able to use your website separately or start a website later if you don’t already have one. Your web hosting and email hosting can both be done using the same domain, it will not have any effect.


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