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Browse our directory for a TikTok expert to supercharge your short-form video content and help your brand go viral.  A TikTok Consultant will be able to tap into trending topics and capitalise on hashtag challenges – providing you with ideas, inspiration and direction on how to optimise this fast-growing platform to your benefit.

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What is a TikTok Specialist?

A TikTok Specialist works with the client to develop a TikTok strategy to grow the number of views on their TikTok account, improve watch times and drive organic influence and revenue growth.  A TikTok expert can also plan, create and schedule high quality, engaging video content, collaborate with influencers and tap into trending topics to maximise brand exposure.

How do you become a TikTok Expert?

To become a TikTok expert, you don’t necessarily need prior professional work experience in social media management (although that is really helpful), but you will need to demonstrate that you have successfully grown a TikTok account (which could be your own).  You should also be skilled in a range of areas including content creation, graphic design, video editing, Adobe Creative Suite and Google Analytics.

How much to charge as a TikTok Consultant?

There’s no set fee for a TikTok Consultant, but you will find that you can escalate your rate according to your experience and your proven results.  Many consultants work with clients to create a pricing agreement depending on the scale and scope of their customised TikTok marketing strategy.

Where do I find a great TikTok Consultant?

A really good place to start is on the Digital Mums Directory.  This online directory has a list of professional TikTok Consultants who can supercharge your brand’s presence on this hugely popular social media platform.  You can also do a Google search, look on LinkedIn and ask for recommendations from your own networks.

What type of content is most successful on TikTok?

TikTok has a very broad scope for video creation and like all social media platforms, it is constantly evolving and new trends emerge all the time.  As a general rule, content that is funny, quirky, cute, unusual and useful to the viewer (solves a problem, provides tips, hacks etc) works well on TikTok.  Content that fits a current trend or hashtag, which is relatable or which relates to a social media challenge is also more likely to be successful.

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