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Need advice or help with financial matters in your small business?  We’ve put together a list of experienced online accountants who understand your specific needs and they have the tools, services and expertise to take your small business from Xero to hero!  Whether you need help with cash flow management, reporting, budgeting, tax services, business planning or anything in between, you’ll find plenty of small business accountants listed on our Digital Mums Directory.

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Hi, I'm Lisa! I empower small business owners with freedom to focus on growing their business, by providing next level bookkeeping support, expanding their understanding of the financial position and removing the stress, overwhelm & unknown.


How can accountants help small business?

An accountant can help a small business owner manage all aspects of their financials including advice and support on accounting software, cash flow management, reporting, budgeting, tax services, BAS obligations, payroll and business planning.  There can be no grey areas when it comes to matters financial, so hiring an accountant gives small business owners peace-of-mind that this crucial area is getting the appropriate expert attention and focus.

What’s the difference between an accountant and bookkeeper?

Many people mistakenly believe that bookkeeping is another word for accounting.   Both are crucial business functions, but they are quite different.  Bookkeeping is more transactional and relates to the day-to-day recording and organisation of financial data, whereas accounting relates to how that data is interpreted.  Bookkeeping is an administrative task, whereas accounting offers insights, evaluations and analysis.

A good place to find a bookkeeper for your small business is on the Digital Mums Directory.

How much does an online accountant cost?

The cost of hiring an online accountant will vary depending on what type of engagement you’re after. Generally speaking, an online accountant will cost between $70 for simple tasks to $250 per hour for more complex financial tasks.  The cost of an online accountant will also depend on how complex your business is.  Their job is to understand your business finances and take care of them for you, so the more detailed your requirements, the more of their time you will need.

How much should an accountant charge?

There’s no set rate that an accountant should charge.  Instead, you’ll find that an accountant’s rates depend on a number of factors including their own level of experience, the complexity of the job, how much time the task is likely to take and where they are located.  A ballpark figure for a small business accountant is likely to be somewhere between $75 and $200 per hour.   The best way to find out what an accountant charges is to search for an accountant who suits your type of business and then discuss your needs and their rates with them in person.

How can accountants find new clients?

There are lots of ways an accountant can find new clients.  Word-of-mouth referrals are an excellent way of attracting new business, so it’s really worthwhile asking clients to post reviews on Google etc.  Networking on LinkedIn and at face-to-face networking events is helpful and there are opportunities to promote your business through online groups, Facebook, Instagram, listings on local business directories etc.  An accountant can also volunteer their services to a charity or local community group to build their reputation and expand their profile.

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