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Our directory of video marketers and creators is a great place to find a professional who can help you with your video marketing and in some instances handle the video production process from concept to the finished product.  Whether you need video creators to make material for a commercial, a product launch, corporate communications, marketing collateral, staff training, new digital content etc, you’ll find a video production company on our directory which fits the brief.

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What do video creators do?

A video creator makes original footage which can be used for a multitude of purposes including advertising purposes, a new product launch, for corporate and stakeholder communications, marketing collateral and staff training.  A video creator not only produces film for multiple platforms (both short and long-form), they also edit videos and photos, produce scripts and source or create animations and special effects.  The job is very varied and basically involves all things to do with audio visual presentation, right through the process from the concept stage to the finished product.

How can I become a video marketer?

The best way to learn the art of video marketing is to practice.  Hone your skills by making videos and uploading them to your personal social media listings, but always make content with a pre-determined strategy and objectives so that you can use that data to promote your skills and expertise as a video marketer.

Another option is to take a video marketing course.  You will also need to be proficient in various video-creation software and demonstrate your abilities to design and create footage which meets a specific brief.

How much can I earn as a video marketing expert?

Many factors will influence how much you can earn as a video marketing expert.  Some people list their freelance services on sites like Upwork for as little as $25 an hour, but generally experts will charge between $60 - $125 an hour.  Some people charge a fee per project which they negotiate with the client upfront, some charge a monthly fee for footage (eg 5 TikTok videos a month) and your rate will depend on your level of experience and expertise. 

How do I promote my video production business?

A good place to start is by listing your video production business on industry directories such as the Digital Mums Directory.  These types of directories put your business in front of a targeted audience who are looking for support from freelancers such as yourself.  Other ways to promote your business include social media networking, establishing your LinkedIn profile, offering your services pro bono to a charity or community organisation looking for video content and contacting clients and relevant industry players (eg PR and marketing agencies) directly.

What skills do I need to be great at video production?

Great videos aren’t all about creativity.  While you do need to be a good storyteller in order to be great at video production, you need to be able to focus on the finer details as well as the big picture.  Attention to detail and strong organisational, communication, problem-solving and time-management skills are important as is adaptability.  You’ll also need strong technical skills and be proficient with the relevant editing software.

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