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Grow your business’s presence on Pinterest with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.  Check out our directory of Pinterest specialists who can take care of the day-to-day management of your Pinterest profile, helping to drive traffic and boost your visibility.  Hire a Pinterest expert today and see how they can help your business stand out.

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How do I become a Pinterest Expert?

There’s much more to Pinterest than meets the eye and like other social media platforms, it has an ever-changing algorithm. Becoming a Pinterest expert requires skills, time and expertise.

The very best way to become a Pinterest expert is to get some formal training (eg a Pinterest course) and practical work experience.  You should also practice on your own Pinterest account.  A background in Canva or graphic design as well as a solid understanding of keyword research for SEO are also helpful.   Successful content creators for Pinterest accounts know all the ins and outs of this platform and how to use it to drive website traffic and increase brand exposure. 

What do Pinterest Managers do?

A Pinterest Manager knows all the ins and outs of this popular social media platform.  They can help you set up your Pinterest account and handle the day-to-day management of your profile, helping drive traffic to your website and boost your online visibility.

What is a Pinterest Strategist?

A carefully thought-out strategy for any digital marketing channel is imperative, and Pinterest is no different.  A Pinterest strategist will work with you to develop a plan for using the platform effectively to reach new audiences, grow awareness for your brand and drive traffic to your website from your Pinterest account.  A Pinterest strategist can also devise a way of incorporating Pinterest into your business's wider social media marketing strategy.

What does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

The beauty of having a Pinterest virtual assistant is that they can help you set up and improve your business’s presence on Pinterest from anywhere in the world - at any time.  They can help you set up a professional Pinterest account so that it appears in searches and can implement tactics that funnel viewers to your business website.  A Pinterest Virtual Assistant can also create boards, design and publish optimised pins and take care of scheduling as well as monitor your account’s performance and make adjustments as and when necessary.

How do Pinterest Virtual Assistants get clients?

There are many ways a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can canvass for new clients, starting with having your own Pinterest business account which showcases your experience and your talents.  Having a presence on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn is also helpful - and don’t forget the power of testimonials and personal referrals.  Listing your VA services on online directories such as Digital Mums Directory is also a must.

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