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Shopify FAQ'S


How much is a Shopify expert?

There’s no set rate for a Shopify expert as you’ll pay for different levels of expertise and experience.  Rates will also depend on the complexity of the task.  Some Shopify experts charge per hour, others will charge per project. In Australia, you can probably expect to pay an hourly rate of around $75 - $200 or more for a Shopify expert, depending on the nature of the job and the consultant’s level of experience.

How do you become a certified Shopify expert?

It’s not easy becoming a certified Shopify expert.  Even if you are a ‘Shopify Partner’, the platform requires you to meet many different criteria before it will declare you a top-tier expert.  You will need to demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and successes with the Shopify platform, including the number of valid Shopify stores that you have worked on.  You will need to present case studies or apps as evidence of your leadership in your field and submit a written request to Shopify.  Their Experts Operations team will then review your portfolio and contact you if you are accepted as a certified Shopify expert.

Do I need a Shopify expert?

Shopify Experts have the stamp of approval from Shopify themselves.  They have demonstrated that they have a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of Shopify, which means you have complete peace-of-mind that you are getting top-level skills and expertise when hiring a Shopify expert for your ecommerce store.

Should I hire a Shopify expert?

Hiring a Shopify expert can save you time, effort and money.  When you hire a certified Shopify expert, you can trust that they have the proven credentials to craft your Shopify store correctly from the start and help you achieve your e-commerce goals.

What is a Shopify web developer?

A Shopify web developer manages the creation of a responsive, user-friendly and highly functional e-commerce Shopify Store, optimally structured to drive sales and revenue.  They will match your business’s unique branding to a custom-designed e-commerce store, using the most appropriate Shopify themes and features to achieve your goals.

Do Web developers use Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, so most web developers have some experience with setting up and optimising Shopify stores.

What does a Shopify web developer do?

The primary role of a Shopify web developer is to design and develop competent online stores. They are coding experts who have unique insights and skills in the Shopify platform and they build customised e-commerce solutions that enable businesses to drive sales and increase revenues.

What skills does a Shopify developer need?

A Shopify developer needs a good mix of hard and soft skills.  These include:

  •       A thorough know-how of the platform’s API
  •       Proficiency in PHP scripting language, JavaScript and JQuery
  •       Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  •       An understanding of other payment gateways, navigation, inventory systems and checkout  logic is an added advantage
  •       Knowledge of Google Analytics
  •       Excellent communication skills
  •       Ability to work in a team
  •       Strong problem-solving skills
  •       Good time management and the ability to deliver on deadlines


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