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With the help of an Instagram consultant, you can grow your Insta profile into a viable marketing channel which supports follower engagement, lead generation, increased sales and heightened brand awareness.  Browse our directory to find a virtual Instagram Assistant who will be a perfect fit for your unique business.  Let them optimise your social media presence by creating fresh and engaging content that promotes your brand to your target audience.

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I help coaches and service-based business owners market their business on Instagram through my 1:1 coaching, online course and digital products.


What does an Instagram virtual assistant do?

An Instagram virtual assistant manages your Instagram account.  As a general rule, their goal is to increase your community of followers, build brand awareness, grow and strengthen customer relationships and drive sales.

They work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy and calendar tailored for Instagram, they create and publish content, they analyse data and they leverage the social media platform’s algorithm to help you achieve your goals.

How do virtual assistants get instagram clients?

A virtual assistant can attract new Instagram clients by working on their own social media profile.  They can use the same tools and techniques to promote themselves on Instagram as they would use to build a client’s following.  These include using hashtags, posting high quality shareable content, creating eye-catching graphics and compelling captions, publishing tips/trends/info that are helpful to businesses, engaging with other Instagram accounts etc.  That means that when someone is searching for a VA on Instagram, they will hopefully come across that particular business.

Can I hire someone to manage my instagram?

Yes.  If you’re the rightful owner of the page that’s connected to your business's Instagram account, you can give someone else permission to manage it on your behalf.  Many businesses hire an Instagram virtual assistant to boost their social media profile, engage with their online community, grow the number of followers and boost sales.

Can I pay someone to make reels for me?

Yes.  If you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to make your own reels for Instagram, you can most definitely outsource the job.  It can be done very successfully by a virtual assistant - all you need to do is supply the vertical images and they’ll work their magic to create compelling and very watchable reels.

How much does it cost to have someone run your Instagram?

The rates for a social media manager vary quite extensively depending on the person’s seniority and experience and scale and scope of the work required.  It’s possible to hire an Instagram virtual assistant on an hourly basis and it’s also possible to pay someone a weekly or monthly fee to manage your Instagram account.  It really depends on what you want done, the frequency of posts, the level of analytics etc.  Generally, you can expect to pay between $60 - $150 an hour for an Instagram manager.

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