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The control of building your own website, with the expertise and marketing knowledge of a professional.

Most of us who start our own business want to give building our own website a go. Sadly, here at BOSS, most of the DIY websites that we see simply aren’t doing their job of converting interested potential clients to $$$.

Get the best of both worlds!

By sitting down with our in-house expert Squarespace designer, you can have the control and ability to make changes whenever you like, but you’ll avoid the headache of having to learn how to do it by yourself PLUS the marketing expertise to make sure that it’s working hard to convert those enquiries into sales!

Liz Haselgrove is an Authorised Trainer for Squarespace, one of only a handful in Australia, and is an expert advisor on marketing and websites for several government-funded advisory programs.

What’s included:

  • 2-hour appointment with an Authorised Squarespace Trainer and Circle Member who knows the pro tips to make your website great, PLUS a complimentary 1-hour ‘circle back’ session to tie up any loose ends and make your site live
  • Analysis of what’s going to work to attract clients/customers
  • Best layout, copy(wording) and image suggestions to attract your key clients
  • Design that includes SEO power tools
  • You will learn how it all works and how to update your website whenever you want
  • 20% off your first Squarespace payment and 6-month ‘trial’ time to build your website

Pricing for this unique, set program price is normally $500, but BOSS are offering Digital Mums Directory clients the 'membership only' heavily discounted price of only $350!

Get started tomorrow and know that you won't be going it alone.

Why Squarespace?

We think that Squarespace is the best option for most new businesses. This is because Squarespace is:

  • Super-easy to use and edit yourself. If you can drag-and-drop and save files, you can update your Squarespace website yourself, whenever you want!
  • A high-quality platform that will serve you well for years to come
  • Has everything built-in, such as SEO coding, brand styling and website hosting
  • It’s a powerhouse for eCommerce sites and was the first build-your-own-website platform to integrate with Google
  • You can easily add Membership areas/subscriptions, Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment options, Booking Systems and so much more…
  • It’s a low cost option, and incredible value for the quality that it delivers

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