How To Build A WordPress Website Including Online Store


This guide has been developed for beginners who want to learn how they can create a WordPress website from scratch. We have also included recommendations for a Free plugin you can use to create an online store, e-commerce platform.

Is WordPress free?


This can be a little confusing and the reason is that while WordPress is a free platform, you will still need to host your website somewhere. Don’t worry we cover that off below and recommend hosting providers which charge less than $10 per month. You’ll come to see why people love WordPress websites so much.

Step 1: Purchase your Domain name (


Like any website you will need to buy a domain name, as you are an Australian business I would suggest purchasing a domain so that people know you are an Australian business (you can still promote and sell internationally under this domain). I would also suggest purchasing the .com domain and redirecting this to your domain (this means that when someone enters the .com website they will still come to your website).

How much do domains costs?


Domains cost between $10-$20 per year, I would suggest purchasing your domain through VentraIP

Step 1: Purchase your domain and .com domain here

Step 2: Host Your Website


You now have a domain address for people to visit, you need a place to house your website, this is known as Web Hosting and you will be looking at around $6-$15 per month. My preference for hosting is to keep it in Australia and I have been using VentraIP for over 3 years now and love their customer service. For customer queries you can send an email and expect a response back within a few business hours – its honestly the best service I have received and being in the same country it means I don’t have to wait til midnight for them to start work.

Step 2: Purchase your hosting here

Step 3: Install WordPress


You now have a domain address and a house/place for your website to live – next you need an actual website. If you took my advice above and hosted with VentraIP this next step is easy as you simply click one button ‘Install WordPress’ and this is all done for you.

Step 3: Under your VentraIP login simply head to your website hosting and click ‘Install WordPress’


Step 4: Look of your Website


This is where WordPress can differ from the likes of Shopify and WIX – Setting up the look and creating pages is not a simple process (but I wouldn’t say it’s hard either). So here is where you have 2 options 

Option 1: Find a Freelancer below to design the website (maybe you have a design or website in mind that you love), they can also install the Woocommerce plugin and provide guidance on how you can manage your own site moving forward. Depending on how much work you want them to do, you would be looking at between $300 to $1,500 for a complete WooCommerce website that will last you for years.

Option 2: Find and install a theme (a website design template). Themes allow you to easily alter the look of your website without having to use any coding ????
You can find themes for $50-$150, my personal preference (and the theme used to build this site) is DIVI*. I personally LOVE DIVI* and install it for my own clients are it allows them to easily manage the site themselves afterwards. If you are not familiar with creating a website then DIVI* has many page templates available and is regularly updated to keep on top of the latest trends.

DIVI is $89 per year, however I can also tell you that they ALWAYS participate in Black Friday Sales where you can get the lifetime access at 80% off. So while you will spend $89 today, once you play around (and fall in love) you will end up purchasing the lifetime option for a bargain price.

Step 4: Purchase DIVI on this link and install following their simple instructions.

Installing WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a FREE plugin and is available to install via your WordPress Plugin menu (once you have installed WordPress this option is available on the side menu), this will allow you have online shopping with payments taken by Paypal, Stripe or Afterpay.

If you are still confused, then please don’t hesitate to contact us with your needs and we will put you in touch with one of our Freelancers who can assist you further in your business.


Needing a WordPress Website Developer?

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