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I’m Tenai I put the⚡️ZING⚡️in amazing Facebook and Instagram Ads to build your profit and grow your brand 🙋🏼‍♀️ through Management and DIY Coaching

Maybe you’re looking to level up your profits and impact

Maybe you’ve been DIY-ing your Facebook ads with no clear strategy

Maybe your ideal clients are getting lost in the funnel

Maybe your conversions have tanked since Zuck’s latest update

No matter where you’re at, I’ve got a Facebook ads package that’ll deliver:

  • A comprehensive, multi-campaign strategy
  • Scroll-stopping Instagram Reels  
  • Consistent monitoring and optimisation
  • Data-driven tweaks and clever re-targeting
  • Audiences so warm, they need to crack a window 

Get ready to reunite with your time (and your sanity). Our Haus is primed to boost your visibility, nurture your ideal clients, and skyrocket your sales through DIY Coaching, Management or Content creation & Management to really level up your Ads Game!

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