So you have a WordPress website, and mostly it seems to do what it’s supposed to. But be honest, are there little red numbers on your updates tab? Does the thought of hitting the “update” button send shivers up your spine?

Never fear – I promise you will fall in love with your website when I show you how easy it is to keep it safe, secure and healthy. Awww….

Owning a WordPress website means you have lots of power at your fingertips. But with power comes great responsibility – and often that can be intimidating for website owners. When you think about your site, do you wonder:


  • Whether your website is safe from hackers?
  • How do you do the updates, without breaking things?
  • What happens if you do break something?
  • How do you set up backups?
  • Do you have a plugin that simply refuses to work?
  • Is your webhost being unhelpful, but you don’t know how to change, or who to change to?

Take a deep breath and let it out – I can help you with all that! And in the process, you might just learn to love your “back-end”!

How do I help you with this? Well I offer “Love your WordPress Website” workshops, one on one training and online course. All come with a “non-techy” speak guarantee, and my personal promise you will come away feeling much more confident about managing your website.

What sorts of things do we cover?

  • How to choose a webhost (or change hosts)
  • What is an SSL and do I need one?
  • WordPress basics – what are themes & plugins
  • Best practice for backups, updates & security
  • Keeping it secure – what to do


Why work with me?

Great question! Over the last few years I’ve worked with well over 50 WordPress websites with multitudes of plugins, themes and webhosts. I’ve seen it all and then some – from membership sites to ecommerce, from websites where the homepage has disappeared when updating a plugin – to websites full of malware and redirecting you to “inappropriate” content.

I care about empowering people to understand the basics and take control of their websites. I don’t want to have to fix another hacked website, or sit on live chat with webhosts who simply don’t care.

Still undecided? Here are some reviews from my lovely clients:

“Thank you so much for the workshop – I definitely got a lot from it. The way you displayed the information was perfect.”

Kate, KD Design & Marketing

I found Kristy through a network referral, which is also a testament to Kristy’s reputation in the industry. I particularly needed help with doing a refresher on WordPress and didn’t have a lot of time to do a full course. The intense training that Kristy was able to provide was perfect. I was able to learn on my site and managed to do a lot of the updates there and then. A great time saver and a real help. Thanks so much Kristy for your guidance and training.

Rose, Diversify Pty Ltd

Kristy is my absolute go-to person for WordPress help and any other technical thing I face with my blog, website and all of the behind-the-scenes parts of this I might need assistance with. Her knowledge and skills astounds me and she is also able to explain what needs to be done in plain English, which is a rare combination in this industry. I regularly refer my clients on to her and always get rave reviews from them too.

Amanda Kendle Consulting

How Can We Help?