Facebook Ads Base Camp is an online course designed to help the absolute beginner get started with Facebook advertising. You don’t need any prior knowledge, you don’t even need to know how to access the Facebook ads console, All you need is a business you are passionate about and a mindset you can do it yourself.

The course covers all the basic essentials such as:
– Understanding the advert components
– Learning about the Facebook pixel & setting it up on your website
– Constructing a target market that is right for your business
– Setting up an engagement campaign to build your page following
– Setting it up a traffic campaign to drive traffic over to your website
– Understanding the power of social proof
– Reading your data and learning what to do with your results

It’s an exciting decision to embark on a journey with an online business, but it doesn’t stop there, you now need to to get your business in front of an audience. Facebook ads is a fast and effective way to achieve this goal, not to forget, extremely cost effective.

Join Facebook Ads Base Camp and you also get a 4-week stay in our private Facebook group, where you can test, tweak, and ask questions to ensure you can apply what you learn.

Get in touch today and start growing your business.

For more information visit: http://beckonmarketing.com.au/product/facebook-ads-basecamp/

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