Alicia Menkveld | Business Strategist

Alicia Menkveld | Business Strategist
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Western Australia

Alicia Menkveld | Business Strategist

Hey, I’m Alicia

I’m a speaker, trainer, author and small business strategist who specialises in business growth strategies and business efficiency.

The creatives and service-based business owners I work with, are experienced and committed – sure of their vision but unsure how to get there. That’s where I come in.

I’m the creator of Savvy in Business, a hub for people who want to build a profitable business to serve more clients, make more money and make a massive impact.

My message is simple: Do Less, Better. I believe our most valuable resource in life, is time. Get clear on what a life and business you’ll love will look like, and I’ll show you the right actions to take, to make your idea a reality.

Your best life happens when you are focussed and consistent. That’s when you bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and get excited about your progress and what else is possible for you.

Get ready to go all in!

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